Hamazushi sea urchin festival

"Sea urchin festival" is held at each 100 yen sushi chain "Hama sushi". Limited time offer from November 5th, end as soon as it runs out.

Sea urchin festival

At the sea urchin festival, we offer a special price of 100 yen (excluding tax) for "sea urchin tsutsumi," which allows you to fully enjoy the rich flavor and sweetness of sea urchin. There will also be "Uni Ikura Warship," "True Sea Urchin," and "Scallop," where you can enjoy harmony with salmon roe, squid, and scallops.

Pasta also appears on the side menu. The lineup includes "rich sea urchin cream pasta," which is entwined with linguine, which has a chewy texture with a cream sauce full of sea urchin flavor.

At the same time, "Zabuton Gri", which is characterized by its soft and elegant sweetness, has been released by "Hama Sushi Meat Nigiri Research Institute". You can enjoy the rare part of shoulder loin, "Zabuton," which weighs only a few kilograms from one cow. The price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

In addition, we also sell rare steak products that were newly released in September and recorded sales that exceeded expectations. By applying garlic and pepper oil, whose ratio has been adjusted many times to match the sushi material, on the surface, the original taste and aroma of the material is enhanced.

* Ends as soon as each menu runs out * Scheduled to be introduced at 523 stores (as of November 2)