Hokuou "Mulberry Cheese Pepper"

At each bakery "HOKUO" store, the "Winter Delicious Food Fair" is held from November 2nd to December 25th. A lineup of 4 products unique to winter.

The new product "Kuwatoro Cheese Pepper" is an aligot-style mashed potato with potatoes and cheese that you can enjoy a rice cake-like texture, and is topped with plenty of four types of cheese (cheddar, gouda, mozzarella, and parmesan). The finish is sprinkled with plenty of black pepper. An adult dish that you can enjoy the chewy and savory pepper. The price is 250 yen (tax included, same below).

Hokuou "Mulberry Cheese Pepper"

The new product "Blessed Macaron Bread" is a hybrid sweets bread that allows you to enjoy "macaroons x melon bread x cream buns" at the same time. The dough is savoryly baked with macaron skin containing roasted almonds, and contains plenty of caramel custard whipped cream with a slight bitterness and richness. The price is 200 yen.

Hokuou "Blessed Macaron Bread"

"Caster Chocolat" is a resurrected product that was sold 70,000 at the fair last year. The Danish pastry is finished by squeezing a generous amount of smooth custard cream with vanilla beans and adding chocolate. The image of sugar powder is powder snow. The price is 220 yen.

Hokuou "Caster Chocolat"

"Crab cream bun-use of snow crab-" is the most popular revival product for the second consecutive year of the winter fair. A donut wrapped in crab cream with a rich flavor, inspired by crab cream croquette. The price is 210 yen.

Hokuou "Crab cream bun-using snow crab-"