"Muscle Morimori Soba" in Fuji Soba

"Muscle Morimori Soba" will be sold as a store-limited menu from the standing eating soba chain "Fuji Soba". From November 6th, it will be available at the Shibuya Meiji-dori store and the Ikebukuro east exit store in Tokyo.

This menu is for people who are having trouble with muscle weakness or who are working hard on muscle training due to the effects of refraining from going out due to the new coronavirus infection. Developed with the cooperation of athlete food master Yoshihisa Konno.

Approximately 100g (3.53oz) of "fried bean cartilage" with high protein content and low fat was used daringly, "spinach" containing a lot of vitamins and minerals, "grated radish" containing vitamin C and potassium, and a lot of calcium and magnesium. Including "spinach" is added. Warm soup is sprinkled on cold soba and served at a lukewarm temperature.

"Muscle Morimori Soba" in Fuji Soba
Deep-fried bean cartilage

"Muscle Morimori Soba" in Fuji Soba
Soba topping

"Muscle Morimori Soba" in Fuji Soba
Spinach, grated radish, grated sesame seeds

"Muscle Morimori Soba" in Fuji Soba
Muscle training support menu

The main nutritional components are as follows.

・ Energy 452kcal
・ Protein 28g (0.99oz)
・ Lipid 4.2g (0.07oz)
・ Sugar mass 66.7g (0.25oz)
・ Dietary fiber 10.5g (0.18oz)
・ Salt equivalent 5.8g (0.28oz)

There are two stores, Ikebukuro and Shibuya, where many people use the training gym.