Autumn menu at MUJI cafe--"Grilled black olive bread crumbs" "Fried tofu dried vegetable sauce"
(* All images are from Cafe & Meal MUJI official blog)

Cafe & Meal MUJI

The official blog of "Cafe & Meal MUJI", a cafe restaurant attached to some "MUJI" stores, introduces the autumn menus on sale. It is a well-balanced menu that uses seasonal vegetables and ingredients, and is devised to make the best use of the taste of the ingredients with a simple cooking method.

At Cafe & Meal MUJI, various deli (side dishes) are handled depending on the store. You can choose multiple types and add rice to enjoy as a set meal. The official blog has some recommended items from the autumn deli.

Grilled horse mackerel with black olive bread crumbs

"Black olive bread crumbs of horse mackerel" is a tapenade sauce that uses plenty of olives originating in the Provence region of France, and is baked on the horse mackerel.

Cafe & Meal MUJI Autumn Menu

Fried tofu, dried vegetables, bean paste

"Agedashi tofu dried vegetable ankake" is an ankake sauce finished with dried vegetables and kelp soup stock, and is entwined with fried tofu.

Cafe & Meal MUJI Autumn Menu

Pear, walnut and celery salad

"Pear, walnut and celery salad" is a lemon dressing with pears and celery mixed with honey and combined with fragrant walnuts.

Cafe & Meal MUJI Autumn Menu

Fig and cheese potato salad

"Ichijiku and Cheese Potato Salad" is a combination of Ichijiku and Cream Cheese that goes well with potato salad and is finished with a fragrant bacon sauce.

Cafe & Meal MUJI Autumn Menu

Some menus may differ depending on the store. To go is also possible depending on the store. You are instructed to contact each one individually.