First bread "Hello Kitty pound cake"

"Hello Kitty's Pound Cake" will be sold in a limited area as a new sweet bread from "Daiichiya Bread (Daiichi Bread)", a major bread maker. As the name suggests, it will be a collaboration product with Sanrio's popular character "Hello Kitty". Handling from November 1st.

The estimated price is 180 yen per piece (excluding tax). Originally, various character breads such as "Pokemon bread", "Detective Conan" and "Pretty Cure" series have been developed in the first bread, but this time various collaborations have been done since it appeared from Sanrio in 1974. A sweet bread in the shape of the popular character Hello Kitty has been made.

Hello Kitty's pound cake is finished in the shape of Kitty's face, and is characterized by its cute appearance and moist texture. The flavor is "plain".

First bread "Hello Kitty pound cake"

Please note that the sales area is a part of Kanto and Chubu, and is not handled in other areas.

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