Shiseido Parlor "Christmas Sweets" and "La Gana Sand"

Shiseido Parlor will sell "Christmas Sweets", which is an assortment of three types of crunch chocolates that appear in different can designs every year, and chocolate sand confectionery "La Gana Sand" for a limited time and quantity from November 1st. ..

This year's "Christmas Sweets" package has a gorgeous design based on pink and gold with the theme of "gifts from angels". "La Gana Sandwich" is a sandwich cookie that is an arrangement of Shiseido Parlor's long-selling Western confectionery, "La Ganashu", a rich chocolate with a bite size. The package is modern chic, incorporating the design image of "La Ganache" at the time of its release. Recommended for Christmas gifts and winter souvenirs, these sweets will liven up the holiday season.

■ 12 Christmas sweets (3 types of crunch chocolate, 4 each)
A gold Christmas tree inspired by the curly hair of Christkind (a German custom, the name of an angel who delivers gifts). Enjoy the fun period until Christmas, where you share happiness, and the special holiday season with three kinds of crunch chocolates packed in a gorgeous package. The price is 1,598 yen (tax included, same below).

Shiseido Parlor "Christmas sweets 12 pieces (3 types of crunch chocolate, 4 pieces each)"

・ Milk (packaging color / white)
Crunch chocolate with milk chocolate as a base and black cocoa biscuits with a refreshing texture. Wrapped in milk chocolate with a gentle sweetness.

・ Strawberry (packaging color / pink)
Based on milky white chocolate, it is accented with crispy crunch and sweet and sour strawberry powder.

・ Speculaas (packaging color / gold)
A perfect balance of white chocolate and a hint of spice. We arranged traditional European Christmas sweets in Shiseido Parlor style.

■ La Gana Sand
A bite-sized rich chocolate, "La Ganashu". The richness of "La Ganache" has become a sandwich cookie with a crispy texture. Smooth chocolate with cocoa crunch is sandwiched with carefully baked biscuits and individually wrapped. You can enjoy the perfect balance between the rich but light melting of sandwiched chocolate and the different textures of biscuits. Prices start at 810 yen for 4 pieces.

Shiseido Parlor "La Gana Sand"