"Peter Rabbit's Christmas Wreath Cake" from Raquel

"Peter Rabbit's Christmas Wreath Cake" is now available at the online shop "Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe Online" operated by Raquel. We are accepting mail-order reservation applications.

It will be delivered frozen and the selling price is 4,390 yen (tax included). Shipping fee will be charged separately. The cake is a ring-shaped vanilla mousse that looks like a wreath with colorful berries on it.

"Peter Rabbit's Christmas Wreath Cake" from Raquel

The size is No. 5, which is enough for 4 to 6 people per car. Several types of chocolate are included. You can freely serve it just before you start eating and enjoy the original decoration.

・ Peter Rabbit Cafe Original Chocolate Plate x 2 ・ Leaf Chocolate x 2 ・ Chamomile Flower Chocolate x 2 ・ Snow Ornament Chocolate x 2

In addition, if you purchase a Christmas wreath cake, you will also receive a limited-edition Christmas card. It can be used not only for home use but also for Christmas gifts.