Gong Cha "Fruit Vinegar" Pomegranate / Calamansi

I actually drank the drink "Fruit Vinegar" sold at Gong Cha! There are two flavors, "Pomegranate" and "Calamansi". The price is 470 yen each for M size (excluding tax), and the delivery price is 510 yen (tax included, delivery is milk only).

■ What is fruit vinegar?
A drink that combines 100% fruit-fermented vinegar "Mizu" with fruit sauce and konjac jelly with a plump texture. This is a Gong Cha-like arrangement of Vinegar Link, which has been attracting attention in recent years and can be expected to have health benefits such as recovery from fatigue. All flavors are topped with konjac jelly using pomegranate vinegar.

There are two ways to enjoy it, "milk" and "soda". By dividing the milk with milk, you can enjoy a mellow and refreshing taste like yogurt, and soda can enjoy a refreshing drink. Both are attractive, but this time I tried drinking soda with the addition of the indispensable "tapioca"!

■ Pomegranate
The most popular flavor, "Pomegranate," is a cup of sweet and sour flavor that is made by combining the pomegranate vinegar and Goncha's original strawberry sauce. It is a drink with a pleasant texture topped with konjac jelly of pomegranate vinegar.

Gong Cha "Fruit Vinegar" Pomegranate
Fruit vinegar pomegranate

The point is to stir lightly before drinking. When sucked up, the sweetness of the sweet and sour pomegranate spreads along with the soda. With the addition of the strawberry sauce, the aftertaste is refreshing despite being juicy! It is a refreshing taste that you can drink.

In addition, the konjac jelly of Puru Puru has a slightly firm texture, and you can enjoy a pleasant elasticity when you smoke it with a straw. Konjac jelly alone is delicious enough, but adding tapioca adds a different feeling of chewyness. It is also recommended to compare the two textures!

Gong Cha "Fruit Vinegar" Pomegranate

■ Calamansi
"Calamansi" is a combination of Calamansi's vinegar and Goncha's original peach sauce. Calamansi is a citrus fruit that is widely cultivated mainly in Southeast Asia, is rich in vitamin C, and is characterized by a refreshing acidity. By combining it with peach sauce, the acidity is suppressed and the taste is slightly sweetened, which is topped with konjac jelly of pomegranate vinegar.

Gong Cha "Fruit Vinegar" Calamansi
Fruit vinegar Calamansi

"Calamansi" has a faint sourness and bitterness. The finish is even more refreshing and stronger than the pomegranate. If you like orange tea, you will love it! Puru Puru konjac jelly is added to it and it's delicious ~ ♪ It's a cup that I would like people who don't usually drink sweet drinks to try.

Gong Cha "Fruit Vinegar" is recommended when you want to enjoy a refreshing drink. Konjac jelly accumulates in your stomach, so it's perfect for filling your stomach! If you have trouble choosing a menu in Gong Cha, why not give it a try?