"Fruit and herb smoothie" without a mark
Fruit and herb smoothies

Four types of MUJI products will be on sale, including the "Fruit and Herb Smoothie Apple Grape Cinnamon," a beverage that makes the best use of fruit and vegetable ingredients. From March 18th, it will be available at stores and direct sales sites nationwide.

All prices are 250 yen (tax included). By adding herbs based on fruits and vegetables, the overall taste is tightened and the drink is refreshing. With a size of 235g (8.29oz), you can enjoy it with your usual meal like a salad. No fragrances or colorings are used, and the taste and color of the material itself is utilized.

"Fruit and herb smoothie apple grape cinnamon" uses grated apples, apple cider vinegar and cinnamon to give it a smooth mouthfeel and aftertaste.

"Fruit and herb smoothie banana mango turmeric" uses banana and mango puree, and amazake is added to enjoy a rich mouthfeel. The unique scent of turmeric tightens the sweetness.

"Fruit and herb smoothie orange carrot ginger" is crispy with the fruitiness of orange and the gentle sweetness of carrot. Orange also contains a thin skin (pulp) that wraps the juice and orange fruit, so you can enjoy the squeezed fruitiness.

"Fruit and herb smoothie strawberry beetroot thyme" uses strawberry puree and you can enjoy a smooth taste. The sweetness of the fruit is tightened in a refreshing time.