Dean & DeLuca "Harvest Latte"

DEAN & DELUCA sells seasonal drinks "Harvest Latte" and "Kyoho Mixed Juice" to enjoy the fruitful autumn until October 31st.

Harvest latte

A latte made by mixing marrons, hazelnuts and chocolate into cream or paste and dividing it with a bittersweet espresso. Pumpkin sauce and strawberry sauce are topped to create a Halloween mood. The price is 572 yen for S size and 626 yen for M size (tax included).

Dean & DeLuca "Harvest Latte"

Inspired by the Italian-born "Gianduja" made from roasted nuts and chocolate, a chocolate nut paste that resembles chestnuts as nuts was made. Add a generous amount of marron cream to the classic hazelnuts to create a sweet and fragrant Gianduja. Combined with espresso and milk, it has a rich autumn finish.

Dean & DeLuca "Harvest Latte" Gianduja

Dean & DeLuca's latte is characterized by its espresso flavor. Using two types of coffee beans, one from Brazil with a deep richness and the other from Ethiopia with a gorgeous aroma, the individuality of high-quality beans is carefully extracted. It has a mellow taste with rich espresso and the richness of Gianduja.

Dean & DeLuca's Latte

Kyoho mixed juice

This year too, a mixed juice that uses the whole seasonal Kyoho will be released. Based on Kyoho, it is finished with peach, pomegranate and banana. A cup where you can enjoy the fresh fruitiness of Kyoho and the moderate astringency of pomegranate. The price is S size 583 yen (tax included).

Dean & DeLuca "Kyoho Mixed Juice"

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