Gong Cha "Seekers Tropical Fruit Party"

GONCHA will release an Okinawa-only menu item, "Shikusar Tropical Fruit Party," which will give you a taste of the tropics. The release date is July 21. Sales will last until August 31. Sales will end as soon as all of the items are gone. The price is 550 yen for M size (ice cream). Up to two toppings are allowed.

Seekers Tropical Fruit Party

The "Seekers Tropical Fruit Party" is a special menu item that will further enhance the tropical atmosphere. The menu is based on Gong cha's Jasmine Green Tea, which is fragrant with layers of jasmine flowers and tea leaves, and is served with four tropical fruits: Okinawan seekers, peaches, mangoes, and passionfruit. The passion fruit pulp adds a different texture to the drink. The sweet, sour, fresh taste of the tropical fruits that fills the mouth and the refreshing aftertaste of jasmine green tea are perfect for enjoying Okinawa in the middle of summer.

The stores selling the product are as follows

GONCHA EAS Okinawa Toyosaki Store, GONCHA Urasoe Parco City Store, GONCHA Oki Ei Dori Store, GONCHA Okinawa Hanasaki Marche Store, GONCHA Naha Main Place Store