Lawson "Machi Cafe Fruit & Vinegar"
New flavor mixed with various citrus fruits

A new face "Fruit & Vinegar" appeared in the drinks of the "Machi Cafe" series that you order in front of Lawson's cash register and have the shop staff make it on the spot, so I tried it. First citrus juice, then vinegar and two levels of acidity irritate the mouth.

The price is 210 yen (tax included). The calorie is 72 kcal. Based on orange and lemon juice, rice vinegar and black vinegar with orange, lemon, and Hyuganatsu are added.

Lawson "Machi Cafe Fruit & Vinegar"
The sourness of vinegar is added to the complex citrus taste.

The taste of multiple citrus fruits is mixed to create a complex scent that confuses the drinker. I felt that the first bite contained grapefruit. However, a little after you put it in your mouth, you will be able to understand the smells of oranges and lemons.

Lawson "Machi Cafe Fruit & Vinegar"
It tastes a little sweaty when you drink it even though it is cold

As you get used to the sweetness and sourness of the juice that is transmitted to your tongue, the flavor of vinegar comes one tempo later. There is a sharpness that clearly recognizes it as "vinegar", and it also has the characteristic smell of rice vinegar. It's a cold drink with lots of ice, but it tastes a little sweaty, so it's perfect when you want a refreshing taste.