"Churo French" Sarabeth's Special French Toast

From the restaurant "Sarabeth", which originated in New York, "Churro French" (limited to 30 meals a day at each store), which is an arrangement of French toast, which is one of the store's signature items, is on November 1st, inspired by the traditional Spanish confectionery "Churros". It will be offered for a limited time from to 30 days. The price is 1,480 yen (excluding tax). * Nagoya store only until November 15th

From July to September, each store in Sarabeth will hold a fair "French Toast Holic" entitled "French Toast Addiction" that sells a special menu with various arrangements for a limited time every other week. I have introduced it. At this fair, we announced the sale of "Angkor French Toast" as a re-appearance of the French toast menu, which was popular from the beginning. "Churo French" will reappear.

"Churros" is a Spanish fried confectionery made by frying dough squeezed from a star-shaped squeezer in oil and wrapping it with honey, sugar, cinnamon, etc. Taking this churros as a hint, "Churro French" is a special menu of Sarabeth's original, which is a fluffy bread with fragrant eggs and butter, soaked with apareil, baked with plenty of butter, and then coated with cinnamon sugar. .. Of course, it is delicious as it is, but if you eat it with grapefruit or lemon curd, the refreshing taste will spread in your mouth. Also, if you squeeze the lemon and eat it, it will have a refreshing taste.

The stores are as follows.

Lumine Shinjuku store / Shinagawa store / Tokyo store / Nagoya store / Osaka store