"Gianduja French Toast" for Sarabeth

"Gianduja French Toast" will be released on November 22nd at each restaurant "Sarabes" (LUMINE Shinjuku / Shinagawa / Tokyo / Nagoya / Osaka) that originated in New York. The price is 1,650 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is until December 25th.

"Gianduja French Toast" is a winter-only menu that arranges "Fluffy French Toast", which is Sarabeth's signature menu. A French toast made by sandwiching "Gianduja chocolate" with hazelnut praline paste and sandwiching it with Sarabeth's special Haller bread, which allows you to enjoy the fluffy texture and flavor of eggs and butter.

The hot Gianduja chocolate that melts from the inside is added with royal tines made from cookie flakes, and the crispy texture and fragrant flavor are a pleasant accent. Enjoy with plenty of whipped cream and toppings of berries, bananas and hazelnuts.

If you like Gianduja, you can't miss Sarabeth's "Gianduja French Toast". For a limited time, if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.