Sarabeth "Mango Coconut Brulee French Toast"

At the restaurant "Sarabeth", which originated in New York, the "French Toast Holic" fair is held every other week, where a limited-time menu with various arrangements is added to French toast, which is one of the signature menus. As the second installment, "Mango Coconut Brulee French Toast" using summer fruits will be on sale from August 1st to 15th.

The selling price is 1,480 yen (excluding tax). Each store is limited to 30 meals a day. It is available at "LUMINE Shinjuku," "Shinagawa," "Tokyo," "Nagoya," and "Osaka."

The surface of French toast is bruled and crispy, and the top is topped with mango. Sprinkle with the coconut syrup or sour cream that comes with it to bring out the subtle sweetness of the dough and the sweet and sour taste of mango, creating a tropical flavor that fills your mouth.

French Toast Holic, including Mango Coconut Brulee French Toast, will be available in all five special French toasts until September 30th. A stamp rally will also be held, and if you eat three types of menus, you will receive a Sarabeth original mug. If you conquer all types, you will be invited to an event where the popular French toast menu will reappear at the "Encore French Toast" scheduled to be held in November.