Maisen "Halloween Mini Pumpkin Burger"

Tonkatsu's "Maisen" will sell a small sandwich "Pumpkin Croquette Mini Burger" for the Halloween season for a limited time. Handling from October 24th to 31st.

Maisen is a pork cutlet chain known for its "soft pork cutlet that can be cut with chopsticks," but small sandwiches such as fillet burgers are also often found in supermarkets. It features a reasonable size and a wide variety of flavors.

The new Halloween Mini Pumpkin Burger is a pumpkin croquette with bacon sandwiched between pumpkin-colored buns. The sweet croquette derived from pumpkin and Maisen's original sweet sauce go well together.

In addition, the orange and black labels on the package are also designed to make you feel like Halloween. Suitable for meals and snacks at Halloween gatherings, as well as casual gifts and souvenirs.

The selling price is 180 yen per piece (excluding tax). It is handled at all Maisen directly managed stores and major supermarkets nationwide.