Matsuya "Beef Steak Bowl"

"Matsuya" will release "Beef Steak Bowl", which is a "choice of the best sauce", on October 6th at 10 o'clock. The big serving is twice as much meat!

"Beef steak bowl", which is a "choice of the best sauce", is a big hit menu of the steak specialty store "Steak Yamatsu", and is a gem with the original sauce entwined with the overhanging volume of meat. !! You can choose from two types of sauce: "Japanese-style original sauce" from the steak shop Matsuya Naoden and "Western-style garlic sauce" from Matsuya's original. The amount of meat is doubled in the big heap! In addition, there is also a great-value menu that includes raw vegetables.

In addition, to commemorate the new release, a large serving of rice will be served free of charge until 10:00 am on October 20th.

The lineup and prices are as follows.

Beef steak bowl with selectable sauce (with miso soup) 750 yen Beef steak bowl with selectable sauce (double meat, large serving) 1130 yen Raw vegetable set (only for those who ordered the above products) plus 100 yen

If you take it home, miso soup is 60 yen separately.