From "MANGA Cheesecake"

"MANGA cheesecake" is now on sale from One 70g (2.47oz), 7cm in diameter, 4.5cm in height, and the price starts from 1,944 yen (tax included) for four.

"MANGA Cheesecake" was devised as a new product that can be enjoyed at home now that it is difficult to go out due to the corona damage. The producer is "Chocolatier Romantei", which handles many highly entertaining cakes and authentic chocolates.

Mr. Toshiyuki Tadashi, the owner pastry chef, came across a "cheesecake" that imitated the cheese that appears in anime, which became a hot topic on Korean SNS, and he himself smiled unexpectedly. We have embarked on commercialization. It is a product that is particular about the depth and position of the cheese holes so that it will be cute and pop when placed on a plate.

Using the motif of cheese with holes and Emmental cheese, Swiss Emmental cheese and French cream cheese are used. You can enjoy the rich taste.

"MANGA cheesecake" that looks cute and makes tea time fun. If you are interested, check it out as soon as possible!