This is a talk event report [Part 2] by Yukiko Tomiyama, the author of "Pancake Note", and Yuko Umemoto, the author of "Manga Shokudo", held on May 25th. ( Click here for [Part 1] )

◆ Each person has their own memories of hot cakes

Next, Mr. Umemoto introduced "Gokudo Meshi" (published by Shigeru Tsuchiyama / Futabasha). The story is about prisoners talking about "delicious things" with annual New Year dishes. One of the prisoners talks about "a hot cake that I used to eat at the cafeteria of a department store that my mother brought me only once a month in my last-minute life with my mother when I was a kid." ..

Mr. Umemoto's way of eating is drawn very neatly. Shift the two overlapping sheets and sprinkle plenty of honey on them.

Mr. Tomiyama Isn't there the largest number of pancakes ever drawn?

Moderator There are various angles. But the truth is, it was a salty pancake.

so. He was eventually left behind by his mom in the dining room, and he was traumatized by saying, "I ate a salty pancake that was messed up with tears and a runny nose."

Moderator What would you do if you wanted to recreate this salty pancake?

Umemoto: It would be impossible if you didn't put yourself in a difficult situation (laughs).

Pancakes often have a “happy” image, but that doesn't seem to be the case. In any case, it may often be the “key to life”.

◆ Hot cakes are happy to eat at home

"Well, this is the most problematic work," Tomiyama introduced in the extra edition "Hotcake" included in "A Clockwork Orange Jam" (published by Shinji Wada / Daitosha). story". The protagonist, who can only eat the handmade pancakes of his deceased parents, cannot eat the pancakes made by his friend (Nokko-chan) and fights. When I was scolded by my father who appeared as a spirit and went to apologize, it is a story that Nokko is on the verge of suicide !?

Mr. Tomiyama There are many manga that come out with hot cakes, but I think there is no other work that is so exaggerated that one hot cake will make you feel like "live or die!" (Laughs).

Moderator : I think you're so fond of pancakes baked at home. Did you both eat them since you were a kid?

Mr. Umemoto I used to eat a lot on the morning of my day off.

Tomiyama-san There are many people who bake on holidays, though we always bake (laughs). Is it a symbol of a happy dining table? When you have time to change your mood and want to eat something different than usual.

Mr. Umemoto's parents may have said that they would let me do it. It appeared in "Yotsubato!", But it was like making sweets for the first time ...

Mr. Tomiyama Most of the memories of food in my childhood are the image of a "happy dining table." That is why the impact of "Gokudo Meshi" is so great (laughs).

◆ “How to draw” pancakes

Mr. Tomiyama, Mr. Fujiko F. Fujio, draws symbols like circles and squares like dough and butter, and even early Sazae-san, this is the early hot cake. As it evolves, "dirt" comes in, but it seems more delicious to have this.

The work that Tomiyama claims to be "a delicious pancake competing for one or two in Japan" is the short story "Cat and Pancake" recorded in "Tsukiya no Toratsugumi" (published by Kasai Sui / Enterbrain). It seems that the condition of "dirt" is irresistible.
This "dirt" is irresistible!
This "dirt" is irresistible!

And for "cake cake cake" (published by Moto Hagio / Hakusensha), mention the color of the pancakes drawn.

Tomiyama-san Hagio-sensei's pancakes aren't very browned, but I've heard that the color of the pancakes changes depending on the distribution of sugar. The "bills" pancakes are white, aren't they? On the other hand, "Pinocchio" is brown, isn't it? It's not just about how to bake, but also about the amount of sugar.

Mr. Umemoto Sugar will have that color if it is burnt.

Tomiyama-san In Japan, there is a sweet called dorayaki, but it's important to know how to make it brown. I personally think that Dorayaki is a senior hot cake that has developed independently in Japan. I think that the value that the grilled color looks delicious is actually unique to Japan.

Hot cake seniors are dorayaki! I never thought about it. That may be the case, considering that hot cakes were once called "dorayaki".

◆ Is the state-of-the-art pancake the ultimate meal system?

Lastly, "The latest pancake situation" was introduced in Wings (published by Shinshokan), "Kawauso is my daughter-in-law" (Madoka Machiko). One day, my wife (as the title says, otter) is waiting for her husband, who runs a coffee shop, to bake pancakes.

Tomiyama-san The pancake is made of minced fish. I talked about pancakes if you bake them in a pan (frying pan), but I think this is the most advanced. So, my husband uses the analogy of "giant bamboo fish paste", but I and Mr. Umemoto's Tsukkomi was "not bamboo fish paste ...". "Isn't this a hanpen? "(Laughs).
"Isn't this a hanpen? 』\
"Isn't this a hanpen? 』\

Mr. Umemoto looks more delicious than Hanpen.

When heat is applied to Tomiyama's meringue, the bubbles inside swell and the pancake dough becomes fluffy, and the small bubbles inside the hanpen also swell and grow, so it's not the same mechanism. Kato. So I definitely want to ask you to come here (laughs).

Mr. Umemoto is also thinking about this very well.

Tomiyama-san Instead of butter, cheese, or syrup is Japanese-style ankake. This ... doesn't it look delicious?

Moderator Mr. Umemoto, by all means on the blog ...

Mr. Umemoto Yes, I wanted to make this! Maybe it was connected to Shizuka-chan's plankton pancakes (laughs).

This is the "otter pancake". Surimi, cheese, Japanese-style ankake ... Isn't this the "ultimate meal system"? Let's look forward to reproducing it on Mr. Umemoto's blog "Manga Shokudo".

◆ Where are the pancakes going from now on?

Tomiyama-san , what will happen to pancakes in the future? The pancake situation in Japan is changing at a tremendous pace.

Mr. Umemoto's image of the family was that when it became so popular, I wondered if it would change to going to a fashionable specialty store to eat.

Mr. Tomiyama That's right. Thinking about what it means to do "girlish things" in Japan today, it's like meeting in Shibuya or Harajuku and eating pancakes at a cafe. Therefore, it may be that the "home taste" that Mr. Umemoto said is certainly different.

I heard that Mr. Umemoto's manga has recently been taken up in that way.

When I released Tomiyama-san's "Pancake Notebook," I was hoping that people in their thirties would buy it, but in reality, middle and high school girls bought it. They don't have to wait in line because they can't talk to each other if they go with their friends, and pancakes are the most delicious thing they can get out of their pocket money. It just happened that crepes were popular in Harajuku in the 1980s. That's why that land is where "fashionable powder mon" is born (laughs).

Mr. Umemoto Certainly, young girls were eating even during crepes. The crepe drawn in the manga was also like "hope", but is it becoming a pancake?

Manga is also said to be a "cultural material" that depicts people's life culture. The life and relationships seen from one food called "pancake" drawn there, and the life of the characters are also their own stories, and because it is a food that everyone knows, there are various shapes in people's hearts. I felt that it would remain. I hope there will be someone who will eat "happy pancakes" with me.

◆ The autograph session is also very popular!

An autograph session was also held after the talk show. While there are people who exchange pancake information with Tomiyama, there are also people who have been fans of the blog "Manga Shokudo" even before it became a book. Pancakes may be magical food that connects people.

Pancakes may be full of magic ...
Pancakes may be full of magic ...