"Chopped Lemon" and "Chopped Basil"

S & B Foods will release new products "Kizami Lemon" and "Kizami Basil" in the tube spice "Kizami Series" on October 5th. The estimated price is 125 yen (excluding tax).

"Kizami Lemon" is a tube-type seasoning that allows you to enjoy the refreshing flavor and the taste of whole lemon carved to the skin. Lemon peels of a size that can express the texture and fresh scent when chewed are used.

On the other hand, "Kizami Basil" has a Genovese-like taste that expresses the gorgeous scent of chopped basil and the refreshing sensation that spreads later. The richness of cheese, the taste of garlic, and olive oil enhance the aroma of basil.

In addition, "Kizami Aojiso," "Kizami Pakuchi," "Kizami Negi Salt," and "Valuable Kizami Aojiso" have also been renewed. It will be sold over the counter from the same day.

Seasoning in a tube

"Kizami Aojiso" and "Valuable Kizami Aojiso" are seasonings that go well with a wide range of dishes with a refreshing scent of green perilla. With this renewal, no chemical seasonings have been added. In consideration of allergies, milk allergens were removed from the raw materials.

"Kizami Pakuchi" is a paste-type seasoning made by finely chopping French coriander with a slight scent of lime and fish sauce. Only the package has been refreshed.

"Kizami green onion salt" is a combination of "Kizami white onion" that is cut into large pieces to keep it crispy, and "sesame oil", "black pepper", and "lemon" that go well with grilled meat and pork shabu-shabu. No chemical seasoning added. With this renewal, the amount of sesame oil and black pepper has been increased.