Imuraya "Hokkaido Pouch Yudezuki"

Imuraya will release a new product "Hokkaido Pouch Yudezuki" on August 17th. The price is 200 yen (excluding tax).

"Hokkaido Pouch Yudezuki" uses only Hokkaido ingredients. Azuki from Tokachi, Hokkaido (variety: Kitaroman), which is rich in flavor, uses beet granulated sugar from Hokkaido and salt from Okhotsk from Hokkaido to enhance the sweetness of azuki. You can enjoy the flavorful azuki beans that make use of the technology cultivated over many years. Perfect for pancakes and shaved ice toppings, and also for zenzai in winter.

Easy-to-use pouch type. Environmentally friendly plant-derived materials are used for some of the pouches and inks.

If you like red bean paste, you should always have "Hokkaido Pouch Yudezuki". How about topping it on your usual snack?