From Atami □ (square) cream puffs to "below freezing cream puffs"
Sub-zero cream puff

From the "square cream puff" specialty store "Atami □ (square) cream puff" that opened in Atami in 2019, "sub-zero cream puff" that you can enjoy deliciously while frozen was released on July 25th. It will be on sale from July 31st in the online shop.

"Sub-zero cream puff" is a cool cream puff that you will want to eat even in the hot summer season. It is finished with particular attention to the formulation of cream so that it can be eaten deliciously even in the frozen state. Perfect for dessert after hot water.

Using "Toda salt" with a history of 1,400 years and natural vanilla beans, add saltiness and aroma. It is made into a salt vanilla-flavored cream puff that gives you a sense of luxury.

The over-the-counter price is 400 yen per piece (tax included, same below). The online shop offers a "sub-zero cream puff set of 4" and a "limited MIX set", each sold for 1,500 yen. The limited MIX set consists of four pieces of custard, matcha, and barley cream puffs, which are the standard products of the store, plus sub-zero cream puffs.

From Atami □ (square) cream puffs to "below freezing cream puffs"
Limited MIX set