7-ELEVEN "Mitarashi Dango"
This was by far the number one this week

Here are some of the new sweets from convenience stores released this week (February 27th to March 3rd, 2017) that the editorial department actually ate and were particularly delicious!

● 7-ELEVEN "Mitarashi Dango" (100 yen, tax included, same below)

This week's number one. Mitarashi dango, limited to 7-ELEVEN in Chiba prefecture. It's worth living in Chiba just because you can eat this ...!

7-ELEVEN "Mitarashi Dango"
Sell it outside of Chiba!

Western-style steamed bun (Japanese-style cream puff?) Sweets with mitarashi cream in a chewy dough. Mitarashi cream is made by combining whipped cream with custard and mitarashi-flavored jelly.

7-ELEVEN "Mitarashi Dango"
Palm size

It's not the so-called sweet and spicy taste of mitarashi, but it's a cream with a slight soy sauce, and the aroma and slight saltiness create a caramel-like flavor! Insanely delicious ...! It goes very well with the mochi mochi dough, and you can eat about 10 at a stretch.

7-ELEVEN "Mitarashi Dango"
It's important, so I'll say it again, but if you're a Chiba citizen, you have to eat it.

● FamilyMart "New York Cheesecake (using Sicilian lemon)" (238 yen)

An insanely delicious cheesecake with a handmade taste that seems to have been made by a foreign mother!

New York cheesecake (using Sicilian lemon)
Cheesecake with rich taste and mouthfeel

It is finished by adding Sicilian lemon zest to a cheesecake that uses about 50% cream cheese. Biscuit dough on the bottom.

The moment you put it in your mouth, the refreshing scent of lemon is fluffy. It ’s already delicious ...!

New York cheesecake (using Sicilian lemon)
Fragrant biscuit dough is laid on the bottom

A rare cheese dough that slowly melts over time when placed on the tongue. It is creamy and rich, but the sourness of lemon and cheese gives it a refreshing taste. The moist and fragrant biscuit dough also assists in the deliciousness of cream cheese.

New York cheesecake (using Sicilian lemon)
Sometimes it looks like lemon zest, and it has a crispy texture.

● FamilyMart "Kiln-baked pudding square crepe" (168 yen)

Fluffy, chewy, mellow ... Happy to enjoy the three textures that everyone loves in one bite!

FamilyMart "Kiln-baked pudding square crepe"
A crepe that wraps pudding and folds into a square.

A crepe dough with a moderate thickness, which is a cream containing Hokkaido cream and a whole pudding.

FamilyMart "Kiln-baked pudding square crepe"
Elegant visual

When you stretch it, you will see three layers of fluffy whipped cream, chewy crepe dough, and crumbled pudding. Fluffy, chewy, and mellow are the 3 best textures that everyone loves, right? Isn't it too luxurious to enjoy everything in one bite?

By the way, the crepe dough is layered on the bottom, so you can enjoy a more chewy feeling.

FamilyMart "Kiln-baked pudding square crepe"
The bottom is layered with crepe dough

The crepe and pudding give it a strong tamago feel and a gentle taste. The moment when it mixes with the richness of milk and wraps the tongue is also blissful. I think it's wonderful that you can easily eat such rich sweets with one hand.

● Lawson "Premium White Chocolate Roll Cake" (210 yen)

I was healed by the fluffy and melty mouthfeel. In addition to the cute appearance of pure white, the taste is of course perfect!

Lawson "Premium White Chocolate Roll Cake"
A roll cake with pure white dough and cream

A roll cake that combines white fluffy sponge dough with cream containing white chocolate. There is a pink heart chocolate plate on the top.

Lawson "Premium White Chocolate Roll Cake"
It's cute that it's a little off

A sponge that melts softly and a cream that melts softly. I thought it was pretty sweet because it contained white chocolate, but it was surprisingly elegant and calm. It has a strong milky taste and melts.

Lawson "Premium White Chocolate Roll Cake"
Howahowa's mouth melts ~

It looks and feels like you're eating sweet powdered snow. No matter how frustrating it may be, eating it will cleanse your mind. Such healing sweets.

That's all for the new convenience store that grabbed the stomach of the eating editorial department! I will continue to check next week!