FamilyMart "Umami Matcha Cream Puffs"
Check out FamilyMart's new arrival sweets! (The source of the image is the official website)

At each FamilyMart store, we have compiled a list of new arrival sweets to be released on March 5th! There are 5 products in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Square crepe of raw chocolate 168 yen (tax included, same below)

FamilyMart "Square crepe of raw chocolate"

Homemade raw chocolate and whipped cream wrapped in a chewy crepe dough. It seems that the milk fat content of whipped cream containing Hokkaido cream is increased to increase the richness. Three kinds of cacao beans are used for chocolate.

・ Umami matcha cream puff 130 yen

FamilyMart "Umami Matcha Cream Puff"

Cream puff using Uji matcha, supervised by Harumatsu Uebayashi main store. It is packed with custard cream that suppresses the sweetness and enhances the taste of matcha.

・ Umami Matcha Shiratama Zenzai 298 yen

FamilyMart "Umami Matcha Shiratama Zenzai"

Zenzai made with Uji matcha, supervised by Harumatsu Uebayashi main store. It features a mousse that brings out the flavor of matcha. The bottom is squeezed with red bean paste and topped with white balls and matcha jelly.

・ Akagi Eating Ranch Strawberry 208 yen

FamilyMart "Akagi Eating Ranch Strawberries"

Two layers of the popular "Eating Ranch Milk" and strawberry gelato with a sweet and sour flesh. Enjoy each way you like, or eat them together.

・ Snow brand coffee chocolate flavor 150 yen

FamilyMart "Snow Brand Coffee Chocolate Flavor"

The last is a sweet drink limited to FamilyMart. It tastes like "Cafe Mocha" using chocolate sauce. You can also enjoy the sweet scent of chocolate.