Kiyoken "Home Ekiben" Series

From Kiyoken, "Ouchide Ekiben Series Fried Rice Bento" and "Ouchide Ekiben Series Pilaf Bento" will be available for mail order only. For those who want to enjoy Kiyoken's ekiben at home. It will be available from August 1st.

In the new lifestyle, working from home and video conferencing have become widespread, and people who have gone out for commuting to work, school, business trips, etc. have less opportunities to move, and "the chances of eating ekiben and shumai at Kiyoken have decreased." In addition to the voices, there were also voices from all over the country saying "I want to eat Kiyoken's ekiben", so this time the "Ouchi de Ekiben" series was made.

If you keep it frozen and cook it in the microwave, you can enjoy Kiyoken's ekiben at home. It can also be used as a simple meal or preserved food for busy people. Heating in the microwave is 4 minutes and 30 seconds for 500W and 4 minutes for 600W.

Kiyoken "Home Ekiben" Series

"Home ekiben series fried rice lunch" is 630 yen (tax included, same below). It contains the nostalgic flavor that retains the remnants of old-fashioned yakimesh and the fried rice that Kiyoken is proud of, which is popular for its crisp texture. The toppings are shrimp and green peas. In addition, bite-sized "old-fashioned shumai" using domestic pork and dried scallops from the Okhotsk sea, juicy fried chicken "fried chicken", and the popular side dish "bamboo shoot" next to shumai are also packed. I will.

"Home ekiben series pilaf lunch" is also 630 yen. It is delicious even when cold, and contains Kiyoken's proud pilaf, which is cooked in a bouillon of seafood and finished with butter and wine. The toppings are shrimp and green peas. This side dish is also packed with "old-fashioned dumplings," "fried chicken," and "boiled bamboo shoots."