From "Canoble the Butter Sand" CANOBLE

From the brand "CANOBLE" that proposes a new way to enjoy butter, "CANOBLE THE BUTTER SAND" is a butter sand for "butter fundamentalists" that is packed with all the butter techniques of "burning, melting and mixing". , Limited quantity will be on sale from August 1st at the Isetan Shinjuku store pop-up. It will be on sale from August 8th at the Tokyo factory direct sales office. The EC site will start accepting reservations from July 27th.

"CANOBLE THE BUTTER SAND" is a butter sand for enjoying butter that pursues the potential of the taste of butter to the utmost limit. A complex combination of butter and sugar layers in a simple structure with butter cream sandwiched in a sable allows you to enjoy the refined taste of butter that Canoble is proud of. The ideal butter is reconstructed by analyzing the aroma components of butter and combining multiple processing methods such as "burning, melting, and mixing". It expresses the "butter" character that many people imagine from various angles.

The butter cream sandwiched sable has a refreshing and moist texture, and the unique manufacturing method of wrapping the water of the flour and eggs in the butter layer reproduces the feeling that butter overflows at the moment of chewing. The butter cream sandwiched between the sables is sublimated from butter as a material to butter to be eaten by the original manufacturing method cultivated in "non-baking butter cake" that assembles the material that has been "baked, burned, and melted".

For butter cream, use 3 types of butter: charred butter, fresh butter, and fermented butter. Add charred sugar and tongue sugar to concentrate the milkiness of fresh butter, and knead gelland salt to make sable. It emphasizes the scent of butter while cutting the rich sweetness. Although it is called butter sand, it is a butter sand that you can enjoy the feeling of chewing butter as it is.

It comes in 6 pieces and the price is 2,700 yen (tax included).