From the butter sand "chocolate" "toffee nuts" canoble for adults

CANOBLE will sell a limited number of butter sands "Chocolat" and "Toffee Nuts" for "adult time" at Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro on May 19th. In addition, the official online shop will be available from 19:00 on May 21st, and the Tokyo Factory direct sales office will be available from May 28th.

Canoble butter sand

The canoble butter sand is a popular item with a hand-baked crunchy texture sable that is carefully baked one by one. It is being developed as a butter sand for "butter fundamentalists".

From the butter sand "chocolate" "toffee nuts" canoble for adults


The "Chocolate" that will be released this time is a sable with a crunchy texture, sandwiched with finely chopped sweet bitter chocolate, toffee of tensai sugar, charred butter, and cream using fresh butter and fermented butter. Cacao nibs are hidden in the butter cream of the charred butter. Bitter chocolate is also added to the whole cream, and you can enjoy a crispy texture in the slight acidity of cacao.

Toffee nuts

"Toffee nuts" is a combination of sable with a crunchy texture and sugar beet toffee mixed with fragrant roasted walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts. The original butter chocolate is sandwiched between the sable and toffee, and the scent of butter and chocolate spreads with a time lag between chewing and melting in the mouth.

"Chocolat" is 2,900 yen for 6 pieces, and "Toffee nuts" is 3,600 yen for 6 pieces, both including tax and shipping.