Cafe de Clie "Refreshing Lemon Squash" etc.

The drink menu "Refreshing Lemon Squash", "Gatsun and Rich Lemon Squash", and "Plenty of Luxury Blueberry & Yogurt Smoothie" will be on sale from July 29th at Cafe de Clie.

The first summer special drinks are two lemon squash with a choice of strength. "Refreshing lemon squash" is characterized by the refreshing taste of lemon. "Gatsun and Rich Lemon Squash" uses 1.3 times more juice than that and is a cup that you can enjoy the taste of lemon more firmly. Both are available only in T size.

In addition, "Plenty of Luxury Blueberry & Yogurt Smoothie" is a luxurious cup with 1.7 times more blueberries and 3 times more yogurt than the popular existing menu "Blueberry & Yogurt Smoothie". Only R size is available.

All three types are available at each Cafe de Clie store as a special summer menu only for this season. The selling price is as follows. All notations do not include tax.

・ Refreshing lemon squash 440 yen ・ Gatsun and rich lemon squash 440 yen ・ Plenty of luxury blueberry & yogurt smoothie 480 yen