Sushiro "Azukinako"

The third "Frappe Series", "Azukinakoppe," will be on sale from July 22nd at each Sushiro store. The price is 280 yen (excluding tax).

Sushiro's Frappe is a popular dessert drink that has won the number one cumulative sales in the drink menu except alcohol since it was sold in April this year. A luxurious Japanese-style frappe where you can enjoy three types of Japanese ingredients, "anko", "kinako", and "warabimochi".

Sushiro's classic popular sweet "Kyoto Mine Arashido Warabimochi" is cut into small pieces for frappe. If you smoke the specially made warabimochi with a straw, you can enjoy its strong presence with its unique chewy texture. The texture of the bean paste is also chewy. You can enjoy a creamier and more mellow flavor by mixing whipped cream well and drinking.

Sushiro's frappe can be reserved in advance from the Internet if it is picked up on the day. You can enjoy it even if you take it home.