Kappa Ebisen "Sesame oil scented seaweed taste"

From Calbee's "Kappa Ebisen", "Sesame oil scented seaweed taste" will be released in advance at convenience stores on July 27th. The general release is August 3rd. Limited time until early November.

August 10 is set as "Kappa Ebisen Day" from "Ya (8) I can't do it, and (10) I don't like it", which is a catch phrase of "Kappa Ebisen". When selecting a new flavor to be released on this anniversary, we conducted a questionnaire targeting "Kappa Ebisen" fans, and found that "sesame oil scented salt flavor" gained the highest popularity and decided to commercialize it this time. Did.

The taste of salty seaweed and the scent of appetizing sesame oil. And by adding gold sesame to the hidden taste, it is finished in a deeper taste. The crispy and light texture of "Kappa Ebisen" matches the scent of sesame oil and the flavor of seaweed, and you can enjoy a "unstoppable, unstoppable" taste.

It contains 70g and the estimated price is 130 yen (tax included).