Exquisite Kappa Ebisen Ishigaki salt and roasted mentaiko flavor

Calbee's "Kappa Ebisen" will release a new product "Exquisite Kappa Ebisen Ishigaki no Shio and Roasted Mentaiko Flavor" on February 22nd, which focuses on the combination of ingredients for sake snacks. Available at convenience stores nationwide. The estimated price is around 130 yen (tax included).

The "Exquisite Kappa Ebisen" series released in April 2020 is a product that meets the needs of "sake snacks," which are on the rise as a food scene for heavy snack users. It is a luxurious Kappa Ebisen that you can enjoy the flavor of shrimp, sticking to the combination of "texture, special salt, and ingredients that stand out with salt". The 1 item in the series, "Naruto's salt and wasabi flavor," and the 2 item in the series, "Goto-nada's salt and fried garlic flavor," were very popular, so 3 items will be released this time.

A hard dough that is larger than normal Kappa Ebisen and has a satisfying taste. The exquisite taste reached by combining the rich shrimp flavor, the special "Ishigaki salt", and the material "broiled mentaiko" that complements the salt. The best design for liquor is pursued, and the time for liquor at home will be further enhanced.

* The actual release date may be slightly delayed depending on the store.
* Depending on the store, it may not be available, or it may be sold out and sold out.