Kappa Ebisen Chocolat Chocolate Flavor" package design renewed for the first time in six years.

Kappa Ebisen Chocolat Chocolate Flavor, an autumn/winter limited edition product from the Calbee Plus antenna store, will be available in a renewed package for the first time in six years. The quantity is limited and will end as soon as it is gone. The product weighs 120g (4.23oz) and is priced at 907 yen per box (tax included). The product will go on sale in Okinawa area on November 5.

Kappa Ebisen Chocolat Chocolate Flavor

Calbee's longtime seller "Kappa Ebisen" is coated with mild milk chocolate. The mild chocolate coating has the same crispy texture of Kappa Ebisen, but with a salty-sweet taste and mild chocolate flavor at the same time. The package is designed with the "Kappa Ebi" (shrimp) flavor in mind, and is available for both children and adults.

The red color that symbolizes Kappa Ebisen has been made more striking on the package to make it stand out even more on store shelves. The background is decorated with a picture of cacao, the ingredient of chocolate, using a gloss varnish. The design is visible when reflected in the light, making it a surprise when you pick it up and giving it a luxurious feel, making it a good gift idea as well.