Chateraise sugar-cut products

Popular sugar-cut products from Chateraise are being renewed and sold.

Chateraise has been selling sugar-cut sweets since 2009. We have a lineup of various products such as sugar-cut cakes, pudding, ice cream, chocolate, dorayaki, bread , and pizza.

In this renewal, the image photo of the product and the sugar cut rate will be posted on the package in an easy-to-understand manner, and the design and sales floor image will be unified. In addition, the quality of some products has been reviewed to improve the taste.

"70% sugar-cut ice cream" is ice cream that can be eaten as delicious as regular ice cream, even if sugar and calories are cut. Using plenty of dietary fiber and soy milk, it has a large volume but suppresses sugar to 5g (excluding maltitol) and calories to 78kcal.

Chateraise "70% sugar cut ice cream"

The flavors are "Madagas Carbanilla" using fragrant Madagascar vanilla, "Belgian chocolate" using rich Belgian chocolate, and "Kyoto Uji Matcha" which will be released sequentially from the beginning of November. The price excluding tax is 140 yen each and 520 yen for 4 pieces.

Chateraise "70% sugar cut ice cream"

In addition, cakes, double cream puffs, chocolate cream eclairs, chocolates, Japanese sweets, bread, pizza, etc. will be renewed in sequence.