Chateraise "DESSERT Monaka Rubus Double Fromage"
(All images are quoted from the official website)

Check out all the new ice cream sold by Chateraise! "Kiwi bar of crushed fruit", "Fruit texture bar La France from Yamagata prefecture", "DESSERT Monaka gateau opera", "DESSERT Monaka wooden strawberry double fromage".

Kiwi bar of crushed fruit

A candy ice bar with a pleasant texture like kiwi itself and a crushed texture of kiwi seeds. By reproducing the juicy texture of kiwi and adding seeds, the ice cream is finished as if you were eating kiwi. It comes in 6 pieces and the price is 240 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Chateraise "Kiwi Bar of Crushed Fruit"

Fruit texture bar La France from Yamagata Prefecture

An ice bar with a texture and deliciousness that feels like the fruit itself. Using La France puree from Yamagata prefecture, it has a sticky texture and the rich and juicy flavor of La France, which is called the Queen of Fruits. It is finished in a fruit bar like. It is an ice cream with a soft texture. Prices start from 70 yen per bottle.

Chateraise "Frugivore Bar Yamagata Prefecture La France"

DESSERT Monaka Gateau Opera

It is a luxurious Monaka ice cream for adults who can enjoy the texture and deliciousness that has never been seen before due to the multi-layered tailoring. Coffee butter ice cream with almond crunch and sweet chocolate ice cream were layered on top of sweet chocolate, treated with bittersweet black crunch and smooth chocolate sauce, and sandwiched with black Monaca. The price starts from 140 yen per piece.

Chateraise "DESSERT Monaka Gateau Opera"

DESSERT Monaka raspberry double fromage

Monaka ice cream with the image of a double fromage cake where you can enjoy two cheesecakes. Baked cheesecake-style ice cream with milk crunch and rare cheese-style ice cream were layered on white chocolate with frozen dried raspberries, treated with sweet and sour raspberry sauce, and sandwiched with pale yellow monaca. The price is 140 yen per piece.

Chateraise "DESSERT Monaka Rubus Double Fromage"