Matsunoya "Unadon 3 Pieces Family Set"
Unadon appears in Matsunoya's "Family Set"

The Matsuya Foods Group's Tonkatsu chain "Matsunoya" will sell a take-out limited set "Unadon 3 Pieces Family Set" from 15:00 on July 22nd. You can buy 3 Unadon for 2,250 yen.

As the demand for bento boxes increases at Matsuya, we have prepared a "family set" that allows you to purchase multiple sets at a lower price than usual. This time, a set of Unadon was made for a limited time.

Unadon is supervised by Matsuya Foods Group's sushi brand "Sushimatsu", and fluffy and thick eels are covered with Matsunoya's special eel sauce. However, in the case of a family set, "new incense" is not included.

In addition, the conventional "Donburi Family Set" and "Warajikatsu Family Set" are still on sale. Each is usually 1,650 yen, but you can buy it for 1,150 yen.

All family sets are compatible with Matsunoya's bento WEB reservation site "Matsuben Net". It is recommended that you order there and receive it without waiting in the store.

As a general rule, family sets are handled at "Matsunoya" and "Matsunoya" nationwide, but some stores are not eligible. Specifically, it is not available at "Gongenko PA (down line) store", "Kakegawa PA (down line) store", "AEON MALL Yachiyo Midorigaoka store", "AEON MALL Hamamatsu Ichino store", and "AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama store". It will be on sale from 9 o'clock on July 23 at "Nishitokyo Shinmachi store".