Top 10 best recommended sales staff from Tokyo Banana

The Tokyo souvenir brand "Tokyo Banana World" held the "Tokyo Banana General Election" for all Grapestone salespeople. From the product lineup that includes "Tokyo Banana" in the product name, we will announce the top 10 most popular products with the most votes.

Vote one by one from the "Tokyo Banana series" currently available. The top 10 are:

1st place (85 votes) Tokyo Banana's raisin sand 2nd place (82 votes) Tokyo Banana "I found it"
3rd place (65 votes) Tokyo Banana Castella, "I found it"
4th place (42 votes) Sky Tobu Tokyo Banana Bears. Honey banana flavor, "I found it"
4th place (42 votes) Tokyo Banana sea otter coffee milk flavor, "I found it"
6th place (39 votes) Tokyo Banana Heart Maple banana flavor, "I found it"
7th place (25 votes) Tokyo Banana cheesecake, "I found it"
8th place (24 votes) "I found it" in Tokyo Banana KitKat
9th place (23 votes) Tokyo Banana Cookie Sand Moreover, the chocolate is sticking out in 10th place (22 votes) Tokyo Banana Panda Banana yogurt flavor, "I found it"

Beyond the classic "Tokyo Banana", "Tokyo Banana's Raisin Sand" brilliantly won first place. "The balance of cookies, cream and raisins is the best!" "I was shocked by the banana flavor that goes well with the raisin sand ...", and the surprising combination is very popular. White chocolate cream with banana scent is sandwiched between moist cookie dough. Inside, there are plenty of plump raisins soaked in Western liquor!

Ranking 1st "Raisin Sand of Tokyo Banana"

The classic "Tokyo Banana" Mitsuketta "" came in second place. Refer to the ranking and try "Tokyo Banana" that interests you!