Tokyo Banana World "Doraemon Tokyo Banana

Doraemon Tokyo Banana

4-packs and 12-packs

"Tokyo Banana World" is now selling "Doraemon Tokyo Banana" 4-packs and 12-packs, dream sweets with "Doraemon".


Tokyo Banana As soon as it was born in August 2021, "Doraemon Tokyo Banana" has been so popular that more than 150,000 units were sold within one week of its release. Now, the Happy Boxes of 4 and 12 pieces with cute smiling faces have been added to the lineup. Each package has a different Doraemon face on it, making them very cute. They are perfect as a small gift for a friend or as a snack for yourself between work or study. The price is 648 yen for a package of 4 or 1,836 yen for a package of 12 (tax included).

Tokyo Banana World "Doraemon Tokyo Banana

Doraemon Tokyo Banana" is gluten-free. Instead of wheat, it is made with domestic rice flour, making the Tokyo Banana a soft and fluffy sponge cake. In addition, it is filled with a rich and thick "banana custard cream" made from "Morino Tamago," a brand of eggs with a rich flavor. This is a product that was born from the idea of "what would be nice to have.

The fluffy sponge cake has six Doraemon designs: "Good day," "smiling," "smiling," "smiling," "winking," "Takekopter," and "Takekoptor," and is available in six colors: white, red, green, blue, yellow, and blue. rdquo;" six kinds. Doraemon is so expressive that it would be a shame to eat him, and his cuteness is on another level! The "Doraemon (bamboo-copter)" that seems to have flown freely in the sky is a lucky Doraemon that you can only encounter once in a while. Look forward to seeing which Doraemon design will appear.

(C) Fujiko-Pro,Shogakukan,TV-Asahi,Shin-ei,and ADK

* This product is manufactured in the same facilities as products containing wheat flour.