Tokyo Banana Minion "Miitaketto" Rich Banana Custard Flavor from GrapeStone.

Tokyo Banana World" by GrapeStone will sell "Tokyo Banana Minion "Miitaketto" Thick Banana Custard Flavor" in collaboration with the banana-loving Minions. It will be available at major train stations, airports, department stores, and highway service areas in the Kansai region. The release date is July 1. Prices are 648 yen for 4 pieces, 1,166 yen for 8 pieces, and 1,728 yen for 12 pieces (all tax included).

The Minions, who love bananas, collaborated with "Tokyo Banana," a "delicious banana sweets brand. The "Tokyo Banana" with a crazy Minion design is now available. The "Tokyo Banana" is "not available" in Tokyo.

Tokyo Banana Minion "I found you!" Rich banana custard flavor

The Minions love bananas so much that they even sing songs about them. The "Tokyo Banana Minion" is made with 20% more bananas for all banana lovers, and is finished with the rich, thick banana custard loved in the Kansai region.

Tokyo Banana Minion "Miitaketto" Rich Banana Custard Flavor from GrapeStone.

Bob, Stuart, Kevin, Carl, Otto, and the mischievous Minions who also appear in the latest "Minions Fever" movie, which will finally be released nationwide on July 15, are all gathered together. There are a total of five different Minion designs on the fluffy sponge cake. You will have to wait until you open the cake to see which minion design is inside.

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