Tokyo Banana Lemon" from FamilyMart and Lawson

Tokyo Banana World, a Tokyo souvenir brand, will sell a summer-only "Tokyo Banana Lemon 'Miitaketto' 2-pack". The release date is July 6. It will be available at FamilyMart and Lawson stores nationwide in Japan in limited quantities. The price is 250 yen (excluding tax) for two pieces.

Tokyo Banana Lemon

Inside the fluffy sponge cake is a "fresh lemon-scented banana custard cream. It is as if the banana and lemon are chasing each other in your mouth! The mild richness of the banana that melts in your mouth is coolly followed by a subtle lemon aroma. Mellow banana and refreshing lemon go hand in hand to create a uniquely refreshing Tokyo Banana. Try it and enjoy the freshness that will make you look forward to summer.

Among the stylish cakes with the LEMON mark, sometimes a cute little "lemon-chan" named "lemon" in katakana plays hide-and-seek with them. The cute little lemon-chan is wearing a Tokyo Banana headdress. When you find it, you will feel refreshed and refreshed even more!

* May not be available at some stores.