7-ELEVEN "Pikachu Tokyo Banana" and "Eevee Tokyo Banana"

At each 7-ELEVEN store, the first product of the Tokyo Banana World Series "Pikachu Tokyo Banana" and the second product "Eevee Tokyo Banana" will be released on February 20th. Limited quantity.

Cuteness Max's " Pikachu Tokyo Banana " is a fluffy sponge cake baked in a lovely Pikachu pattern, and "Nana only (one of the" Kimi "that appears in the world of Pokemon)". There is plenty of "Nana no Mifu Toro-ri Banana Custard Cream" in the image of. The price is 291 yen for 2 pieces (tax included, same below).

The cute "Eevee Tokyo Banana " that makes you want to hug yourself is a caramel morph art flavor. "Caramel Macchiato-flavored banana custard cream" melts from a soft chocolate-flavored sponge cake like a fluffy Eevee. 2 pieces for 291 yen.

In both cases, there are 6 types of sponge cake patterns. Attention is the "Pikachu tail" and "Eevee tail", which are marked by the tail pattern of the heart, which appears only occasionally. Maybe I should meet you! Each one comes in a bag designed with the image of a monster ball. Please look forward to which pattern will come out.

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