Gransta Tokyo 2022 New Products Tokyo Station Limited Souvenir (Sweets) Sales Ranking

Gransta Tokyo Tokyo Station Limited Souvenir Sales Ranking

The latest ranking of the "Top 10 Tokyo Station Limited Souvenir (Sweets) Sales" for new products launched in 2022 at Gransta Tokyo, an Ekinka commercial facility inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station, has been announced. The lineup includes products perfect for souvenirs and greetings for the year-end and New Year's trips home. All prices include tax.

No. 10 Salted Butter Sablé Rectangle 3 pieces

The sablé made with fermented butter and sun-dried sea salt, which is served in the main dining room of the Imperial Hotel, is packed in a bag-shaped package. Recommended as a small gift or souvenir. 1,080 yen/petit gargantua.

petit gargantua "Salted butter sable rectangle

No. 9 Japanese egg-bon

pudding: A special pudding made with the fresh, rich yolk of "Mabo Egg Gold," an egg certified as the best in Japan, and made to melt in the mouth. The use of wasanbon sugar enhances the richness of the egg yolk with a gentle sweetness, and the caramel and kinako (soybean flour) accents make this a heartwarming Japanese pudding. 420 yen per piece/Japanese egg confectioner, Rara Rara.

Wagamon Bon-Purin" (Japanese egg custard)

No.8 KASA-NETA Mix 4pcs.

The combination of a sablé with a texture that loosens up and melts in your mouth and two kinds of butter cream that are smooth to the touch creates a trinity of deliciousness that spreads in your mouth. Two pieces each: pistache & raspberry and rum raisin & chocolate. 1,700 yen/Kaori Amami Laboratory.

KASA-NETA Mix, 4-pack, Amami Kaori Laboratory

No. 7 French

Toast Financier

Rum Raisin, 6 pieces

A new rum raisin version of Ivorish's popular French toast financier, a classic bread-shaped product. Baked with dark rum and rum raisin mince. 1,080 yen/Ivorish.

Ivorish "French Toast Financier Rum Raisin"

No. 6 Suica's Penguin House Tin

The tin is in the shape of a triangular-roofed house and features a Suica penguin on a journey with a Suica card and trunk. Inside are 19 pieces of Caffarel's popular foil chocolates, including Caffarel's famous soft and mellow gianduja. 3,240 yen/Caffarel.

Caffarel "Suica's Penguin House Can

(C) Chiharu Sakazaki / JR East / DENTSU Suica by JR East Suica is a registered trademark of JR East.

No. 5

Morning Baked

Half-Boiled Can



: Morning baked cannoulet baked on the morning of the day, available only at the Gransta Tokyo store. The outside is crispy and the inside is melt-in-your-mouth half-boiled. 350 yen/boB per piece.

boB "Morning Baked Half-boiled Canulé Plain

No.4 Tokyo Chocolat Sablé 24-piece set. 24-piece set. 24-piece set. 24-piece set. 24-piece set. 24-piece set. 24-piece set. 24-piece set. 24-piece set. 24-piece set. 24-piece set. 24-piece set


Merry Chocolate "Tokyo Chocolat Sable

No. 3 Patisserie Selection, 12 pieces, Gransta Limited

: A red box with three kinds of baked sweets, available only at the Gransta Tokyo store. Recommended as a souvenir or gift. 3,888 yen/Pierre Marcolini.

Pierre Marcolini "Patisserie Selection, 12 pieces, Grandsta Limited

No. 2 Calbee+ x Tokyo Banana Jagabanana Banana Butter Flavor "Miitaketto" 5 bags

Calbee+ and Tokyo Banana have finally arrived at a miraculous taste after many, many prototypes. Jaga Banana Banana Banana Butter Flavor" is crispy and rich with banana and butter. 594 yen/jaga-borda.

Jaga Borda "Calbee+ x Tokyo Banana Jaga Banana Banana Butter Flavor "Miitaketto"".

No. 1 Strawberry Burger, 6 pieces

: Strawberry chocolates kneaded with sweet and sour strawberries. Strawberry-scented bun cookie with whipped chocolate squeezed in. 1,188 yen/Captain Sweets Burger.

Captain Sweets Burger "Strawberry Burger"

Based on actual store sales from October 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022. Only one item from each store is selected. May be sold at events, online, and other locations outside Tokyo Station.