Nutstock Jitsumori "Usagi Fukubako" (Rabbit Good Luck Box)

Nutstock Sanemori


Happy Box Nutstock Sanemori, the sweets brand of GrapeStone, which operates Nenrin-ke and Tokyo Banana World, will sell a "Rabbit Happy Box". The price is 2,160 yen (tax included). Sold at SANEMORI stores (Daimaru Tokyo store and Haneda Airport Terminal 1 store). The sales period is from December 1, 2022 to January 10, 2023.

Nutstock Jitsumori will be offering a "Rabbit Happy Box" featuring the Chinese zodiac sign for the coming year, "


" (rabbit). Just like Osechi (New Year's Day), this happy box is filled with nut sweets that bring good luck and wish for a big leap forward in 2023. The contents include: Kyokujimi Sando (6 each of almond and black sesame nuts), 2 pieces of Seigetsu no Walnut Butter, and 2 pieces of Drifting Caramel Boat.

The most savory "


" sweet, baked extremely fragrantly with a generous amount of black sesame & almonds. The "Kokujimi Sando Almond" is a savory dough filled with roasted almonds and rich charcoal chocolates (30% charcoal chocolates are used in the chocolate ingredients).

Nutstock Jitsumori "Usagi Fukubako" (Rabbit Good Luck Box)

The "Kokujimi Sandwich Black Sesame Nut" is made with a "savory cookie dough" filled with black sesame and almonds, and "black sesame chocolate" made with black kneaded sesame is filled with a thick layer of chocolate. Both are packaged with a wish for a fruitful and prosperous year! We hope that you will have a fruitful year!


Butter "Seikin-no-Kurumi Butter" is made with plenty of walnuts, which have a hard shell and are believed to bring happiness to families. The walnut butter bean paste is filled with fragrant chopped walnuts and gently wrapped in moist Hokkaido butter dough. The fragrant and juicy taste melts in your mouth.

Nutstock Jitsumori "Usagi Fukubako" (Rabbit Good Luck Box)

Drifting Caramel Boat

Drifting in search of deliciousness, we arrived at this flavor. It is a tart boat in the forest filled with fragrant fruits. With the "drifting caramel boat," it may lead you to something delicious next year, too...! The caramel is cooked very carefully and filled with hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and three kinds of nuts. The rich taste of the caramel will overflow as soon as you bite into it.

Nutstock Jitsumori "Usagi Fukubako" (Rabbit Good Luck Box)