"Handmade tofu mapo tofu rice" "pork shabu-shabu salad set meal" at Ootoya
Summer spicy menu at Ootoya

At the restaurant chain "Ootoya" where you can enjoy various set meals, "Handmade tofu mapo tofu rice" and "Pork shabu-shabu salad set meal" will appear as new menus from July 22nd. Both are spicy menus.

The selling price of handmade tofu mapo tofu rice is 950 yen (tax included, same below). A menu with hot, handmade spicy mapo tofu sauce in a clay pot. It is finished with a rich fragrance with Hua Jiao oil, which spreads the flavor of Japanese pepper. Miso soup and mini salad are also included.

Summer spicy menu at Ootoya
Handmade tofu mapo tofu rice

The pork shabu-shabu salad set meal is priced at 950 yen. A single item is also available, which costs 760 yen. Grated ponzu sauce and doubanjiang are added to make it spicy. A menu that you can enjoy with vegetables. The set meal includes rice, miso soup, and dried bonito flakes.

Summer spicy menu at Ootoya
Pork shabu-shabu salad set meal

You can check the list of stores handling both menus from the official website of Ootoya along with their nutritional balance.