Ootoya "Charcoal-grilled set meal of seabream"

"Charcoal-grilled set meal of Renko bream" is on sale from February 8th at each "Ootoya rice shop" store centering on Japanese set meals.

Renkodai, also known as crimson seabream, is a fish with a strip-shaped pale yellow line, and is a white fish that belongs to the same seabream as red sea bream. A fish that was useful for pottery such as when congratulations.

The seabream used is from Nagasaki prefecture, which has the highest catch in Japan. It is landed in season, prepared while maintaining its freshness, and then carefully baked over a charcoal fire in the store to enhance its umami.

Due to the far-infrared effect of the charcoal fire, the skin is crispy, the body is plump, and a unique fragrant flavor is added, and it is baked deeply. You can enjoy it with grated daikon radish prepared by Ootoya.

Calories are 576kcal and salt is 4.3g (0.11oz). The selling price is 1,000 yen (tax included). Please note that some stores may be grilled directly.