"CUPKE" for Lawson early summer

At each Lawson store, three new "CUPKE" products for early summer will be released on May 26 (excluding Okinawa Prefecture). In addition to the first "cheesecake" in the series, a classic cake is now available in the early summer version.

Launched in October of last year (2019), " CUPKE " is a cake packed in a cup with a shape that is easy to carry and eat, developed to meet the needs of purchasing a standard cake at a convenience store close to you. .. So far, 10 products have been released, and cumulative sales have exceeded 23 million units.

・ CUPKE cheese! cheese! Cheesecake
A pure white cheesecake where you can enjoy 3 layers of cheese cream. A crispy crunch is accented with rich cheese cream, refreshing cheese mousse, and light textured meringue cheese cream. The price is 295 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "CUPKE Cheese! Cheese! Cheesecake"

・ CUPKE Kuri-kinton Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc squeezed with delicate Kuri-kinton cream using chestnut paste and butter. 1/4 astringent chestnut is topped. Accented with crispy crunch chocolate. The price is 315 yen.

Lawson "CUPKE Kuri-kinton Mont Blanc"

・ CUPKE High cacao chocolate
A chocolate cake that uses two types of bittersweet high cacao chocolate with a cacao content of 70% or more. It is topped with chocolate sauce and cocoa powder. The price is 295 yen.

Lawson "CUPKE High Cacao Chocolat"