Summer is in season! Shuwatto Peach Sake "Peach Wine Sparkling"
Sparkling appears in "Peach Wine"

Sapporo Beer will release seasonal fruit wine "Peach Wine Sparkling" nationwide from May 26th. Fruit wine, which is in season in summer, is finished in a refreshing sparkling.

One of the "seasonal wines" series sold by Sapporo Beer. In this series, flavors are developed according to the season of the fruit. This time, we will focus on peaches, which are in season in summer, and from the year-round "peach wine", we will introduce a new product with a refreshing sparkling finish.

Sapporo Beer "Peach Wine Sparkling"
The taste of peaches that is in season in summer!

"Peach Wine Sparkling" is characterized by its fresh fruitiness using domestic peach juice and a fruity flavor reminiscent of freshly picked peaches. It is a 600ml (20.29us fl oz) bottled fruit liquor (sparkling) with a screw cap that can be twisted open without a bottle opener. Alcohol content is 6%. The estimated price is 760 yen (excluding tax).