Ginza Senbiya's Deluxe Jelly
Jelly made by hollowing out whole fruits!

Ginza Senbiya's classic sweet "Deluxe Jelly" now has a limited-time flavor "Miseikan Deluxe Jelly". It is handled at the direct sales site "Ginza Senbiya Online Shop".

The fruits carefully selected by Ginza Senbiya are hollowed out to create a soft, plump jelly. Mishokan is characterized by its golden skin wrapped with fruit juice, and when eaten, it has a fragrant and refreshing taste.

A set of 5 pieces, the selling price is 5,400 yen (tax included and shipping included). The product expiration date is 4 days from the shipping date. The storage method is refrigeration required (store at 7 degrees or less).

As this is a limited quantity product, it may be discontinued as soon as the fixed number is reached. It will be delivered by cool mail, so you need to confirm the date you are at home when you receive it before ordering. In addition, raw jelly will melt if left at room temperature for a while, so you are advised to put it in the refrigerator immediately after delivery. In addition, it is said that delivery to Okinawa and remote islands is not possible.