Nissin Cisco's limited-time "chocolate flakes chocolate mint"
"Chocolate flakes chocolate mint" is now available!

Nissin Cisco's "Chocolate Flakes" will start selling the limited-time flavor "Chocolate Flakes Chocolate Mint" on June 1st. A refreshing chocolate with peppermint wrapped in crispy corn flakes "cis corn".

The content is 60g (2.12oz), and the estimated price is 120 yen (excluding tax). It will appear in stores nationwide. Launched in 1968, "Chocolate Flakes" is a long-selling product characterized by the crispy texture of cornflakes and the taste of chocolate. "Chocolate flakes chocolate mint" can enjoy the taste of chocolate mint, which has become a standard summer flavor.

Refreshing chocolate with peppermint is used to create a refreshing taste that makes you feel summer. If you chill it in the refrigerator or freezer before eating it, it will have a cool taste and a refreshing taste. It comes in a convenient stand pack with a zipper that you can enjoy when you want to eat what you want.

The sweetness of chocolate, the refreshing sensation of mint, and the crispy texture of corn flakes combine to create a flavor only for this season.