Carletty "Mint Stick Chocolate"
Foreign chocolate mint

The Andean mint chocolate that I introduced earlier, which is popular in the United States. This time I found a Danish "mint stick chocolate".

Chocolate from the chocolate maker "Carretti", which was established in 1918. It is stick-shaped and looks like a branch at a level that you would not notice if you fell into the forest. There are corn flakes inside.

Carletty "Mint Stick Chocolate"
By the way, the country of origin is Poland

A vivid mint scent that spreads from the first bite. It has a bitter taste with a modest sweetness, and you can feel the flavor of cacao firmly. The aftertaste has a refreshing mint-like sensation and is very refreshing!

Carletty "Mint Stick Chocolate"
It is a good impression that it is not sweet

The crispy and light texture of chocolate and the crispy texture of fragrant corn flakes are also ◎. At first, I ate one by one, but it was indescribably addictive, and when I noticed, I ate several of them all at once.

I also bought "Orange Stick Chocolate". This is also the same stick-shaped dark crisp chocolate as mint.

Carletty "Orange Stick Chocolate"
Looks exactly like

There is no reason why the combination of refreshing orange and rich cacao does not match. An adult taste that links the bitterness of each. It seems to go well with alcohol as well as coffee and tea.

You can enjoy the moderate sweetness and refreshing flavor of both mint and orange, which is perfect when you want to take a break. The packaging is also stylish, so it's a sweet that you want to keep on your desk.

Carletty "Mint Stick Chocolate" "Orange Stick Chocolate"