McCafé by Barista "Rumbling Thigh Smoothie" and "Fluffy Thigh Creamy Frappe"

At McDonald's "McCafe by Barista" store, "Gorogoro Momo Smoothie" and "Fluffy Momo Creamy Frappe" will be on sale for a limited time from May 20th.

Since its first appearance in 2015, two types of popular "peach smoothies" have appeared every year. By using two types of peach juice, which is the addition of yellow peach to the conventional white peach, as a smoothie base, it is finished in a luxurious taste of "Momozushi".

"Gorogoro Momo Smoothie" is based on a smoothie made from white peach and yellow peach juice, topped with a thick white peach pulp sauce. The juicy sweetness of the two peaches melts together, and the flesh of the topping enhances the scent of the peaches. The price is 440 yen for M size and 480 yen for L size (tax included).

McCafé by Barista "Rumbling Thigh Smoothie"

"Gorogoro Momo Smoothie" can double the topping of the sauce with white peach pulp for an additional 60 yen. The result is a luxurious smoothie with plenty of flesh.

"Fluffy thigh creamy frappe" is a smoothie base using white peach and yellow peach, topped with a sauce containing thick white peach pulp and fluffy whipped cream. By mixing whipped cream, you can enjoy a creamy flavor and change in texture. The price is 490 yen for M size and 530 yen for L size (tax included).

McCafé by Barista "Fluffy Thigh Creamy Frappe"

In addition, a limited number of stamp cards will be distributed at each store for each purchase of a smoothie or frappe, including limited-time products. If you collect 4 stamps, you will receive a free M size of regular menu smoothie (mango smoothie or green smoothie) or frappe (chocolate frappe or espresso frappe). The distribution period will end as soon as it runs out from May 20th. Valid from May 20th to August 31st.

McCafé by Barista Stamp Card